Driver Foot Rest

Driver foot rest, it provides an ergonomic sitting opportunity for drivers, minimizing the driving fatigue coefficient. By providing the driver a steadfast position, the distance to critical control devices is reduced and thus, the response times, which are important in emergencies, are minimized and thanks to its adjustable structure, it offers the opportunity to create the most suitable driving style for each driver.

Driver Foot Rest

General Specifications:

  • External Dimensions; - Width 320mm - Length 525mm - Height 175mm in the closed state
  • Maximum Height;370mm
  • Platform Maximum Stroke Value;185mm
  • Platform Weight;18,5kg
  • Lifting force;Gazlı Piston
  • Standards;EN 60077, EN 12663
  • General;EN 15085, EN 50121
  • Fire;EN 45545, BS6853
  • Vibration;EN 61373, UIC 651
  • Operating temperature;-50°C...+70°C
  • Operating voltage;24, 36, 48, 72 and 110V DC
  • Material Used;Aluminum-Stainless
  • Platform Mountable Switches;- Deadman, Bell, Horn, etc...

General Qualifications;

  • An electromechanical system that provides minimum vibration transmission to the driver.
  • Vibration and impact-resistant structural design
  • Maintenance free
  • Standard-compliant design and components