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Kaaf IRIS certificate

Safety Policy

As KAAF Makine Senior Management, by approving this safety policy, we undertake that we know the level of product criticality in the rail systems sector, that we will meet customer expectations starting from product design, that we will provide the necessary training to all our employees to ensure customer satisfaction, that we will provide awareness, and that we will provide all the necessary resources on time and in sufficient amount.

We confirm that we will fulfill the requirements of the ISO/TS 22163 standard, the legal regulations of Turkey and the country where the product is sold, and ensure traceability and accountability.

We undertake that we will act with a continuous improvement and preventive action approach in all our processes, that we will expect the same approach from our suppliers and that we will ensure that information is fully transmitted within the supply chain.

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Welded Manufacturing Certificates

Kaaf Bilgi Güvenliği Politikası
Kaaf Bilgi Güvenliği Politikası
ISO9001:2015 certificate

Our Quality Policy

● It undertakes to be an organization that increases its market share and competitive power by enhancing its product range with strategic products in the rail systems sector.

● It produces products and services according to relevant national and international legal regulations, norms, legislations, engineering requirements and methodology, and customer’s technical specifications.

● Applying the quality management system effectively, it continuously enhances the quality of the products and services it produces.

● It aims to win the trust and appreciation of all its stakeholders. To attain this goal, it adopts the principle to make the lives of all stakeholders easier, not harder.

● It aims not to compromise its principles to attain its goals.

● It adopts the principle of being sincere in all its activities and always producing benefits.

● It adopts the principle of making progress every day and works to make today better than yesterday.

● It aims to set an exemplary company with the technological level and added value of the products it puts on the market.

● It aims to make use of its commercial gains to contribute to the peace and happiness of humanity, starting from its immediate vicinity.

● It regards the rights of all its stakeholders as the rights of the KAAF company.

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ISO14001:2015 certificate

Our Environmental Policy

● To prevent pollution by keeping the environmental impact of all processes under constant control, to use natural resources efficiently, and to determine and implement environmentalist programs in all products and production processes.

● To review the Environmental Management System periodically in line with the targets set, to support the transfer and implementation of the environmentalist approach to other companies.

● To ensure the transfer of a clean and healthy environment to future generations by being sensitive to climate change.

● To use energy resources and natural resources efficiently.

● To reduce negative environmental impacts in all processes from design to the end of the life cycle in production.

● To prevent pollution at its source before it spreads.

● To prioritize climate change and sustainability in all activities.

● To manage our activities in an integrated manner with 'Occupational Health and Safety', 'Quality', and 'Information Security Management Systems' in order to increase the environmental awareness of employees and society, and to be an exemplary organization in environmental leadership in the sector.

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ISO45001:2018 certificate

Our OHS Policy

While carrying out its activities at a high level of quality based on the principle of "Health and Safety First", our company is committed to ensuring and maintaining the following issues in order to protect the occupational health and safety of its employees and to continuously improve the working environment.

● To take measures with pre-controls and tests to eliminate occupational health and safety risks.

● Consulting with employees and ensuring their participation in the process in order to realize continuous improvements in OHS.

● To comply with the legal legislation and administrative regulations in force regarding OHS.

● Ensuring that all employees are individually aware of their OHS responsibilities and providing trainings for this purpose.

● Periodically review OHS policies to ensure that processes continue to comply with requirements.

● Sharing OHS experiences with public institutions, private sector organizations, and non-governmental organizations in order to ensure the continuous development of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

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IRIS certificate

Information Security Policy

As a company that manufactures railway vehicle subsystems and maintenance vehicles, it has determined risk management as a basic principle to keep information security at the highest level in all its processes and to guarantee it for itself and all its stakeholders. In this context;

● To protect information assets against all possible internal and external threats.

● Comply with the standard requirements, legal regulations and other rules related to Information Security.

● To ensure the continuity of accessibility, integrity and confidentiality, which are the three basic elements of the Information Security Management System.

● To keep the awareness of our employees about information security high by organizing continuous trainings.

● Ensure that risks are identified and controlled through continuous review.

● To increase access to information and meet business requirements for information systems by continuously improving the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System.

● Not to share any information about employees, customers, suppliers and other institutions with third parties.

● Undertakes to ensure the security of not only the data kept electronically, but also all data in written, printed, verbal and similar media.

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