Bogie Press

Bogies have a great impact on the safety, comfort, maintenance cost, and similar parameters of rail system vehicles. The bogie press is a vital test and mintenance machine that allows bogies to be balanced after manufacturing or maintenance, before mounting under the vehicle. Equalizing the suspensions under the AW0 loading condition and homogenizing the loads on the wheels is called bogie balancing.

Bogie Press
    With this balancing to be made with the bogie press, the rolling stock will have the following gains:
  • De-rail safety even at high speeds
  • De-rail safety at high axle loads and low speeds
  • High driving comfort
  • Low noise level
  • Reduction in the number of malfunctions
  • Reduction in downtime due to malfunction
  • Reduction in operating cost

  • Bogie press meeting the requirements of DIN25043-7 is manufactured by adapting to customer needs. Bogie press key features:
  • Computer-controlled independent hydraulic arms
  • Touch screen that allows the user to track the test process flow instantly.
  • Torque arms equipped with precision proportional directional control valves
  • Compact structural design that facilitates access to measurement and control points on the bogie
  • Load cells that precisely measure the loads on the wheels and the forces applied to the suspensions
  • Hydraulics power unit equipped with temperature, level, filter, and similar sensors.
  • Hydraulic accumulator minimizing energy consumption

  • Optional specifications that can be added to the bogie press:
  • Distance measurement between axles
  • Back-to-back measurement between wheels
  • Parallelism measurement between axles
  • Measurements of the heights from the rail top elevation of the secondary suspensions
  • Wheel diameter measurement
  • Axle angle measurement
  • Other optional features